Every business needs some kind of insurance to cover for unexpected events, risks and liabilities that just sprung up out of nowhere. Whether you are running a business from a premises that you own or you are leasing a premises every medical practitioner needs some sort of cover to protect them in case a patient or visitor is harmed or injured whilst on their premises.

Public liability insurance is designed to protect medical practitioners from all those financial costs that spring up when a patient or visitor is harmed or injured whilst at their practice. Although the event is often just an accident, the business needs to ensure it has protection to cover themselves for damages.
Public liability insurance protects your business against claims resulting from accidents or injuries that occur as result of your business activities, as well as accidental damage to property owned or controlled by someone else.

If you work with clients or customers, in public spaces, visit spaces owned or controlled by others, have visitors to your premises, or manufacture products; Public Liability Insurance is your best defence against potentially costly personal injury or property damage claims.

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