Medical practitioners require a number of insurances to protect themselves and their practices in the event of something unforeseen happening.  Typically it is important to cover two key areas;

1.   The earning ability of the Medical Practitioner

When it comes to protecting the earning ability of the medical practitioner you need to consider the personal insurances that can provide protection in the event of sickness, injury or malpractice.  Some of the insurances involved here are;

Income Protection Insurance

Life Insurance

Total & Permanent Disablement Insurance

Trauma Insurance

Business Expense Protection

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This list is not exhaustive but are the most common types of personal insurances that can be taken out by a medical practitioner.

2.  The business assets and it’s revenue

Protecting your business requires a number of other insurances and needs take into account many factors including the specific needs, type, size, and location of your practice.  Some of the business insurances you need to consider are as follows;

Public Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance

Buy Sell Insurance

Keyperson Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Again the above list is not exhaustive but are the most common types of insurances most medical practitioners need to consider.

Please note that the information contained within this website is general in nature and has not been prepared with any knowledge of your personal circumstances. Before making any decision relating to your insurance you should first seek advice from a suitably qualified professional. You must not make any decisions based solely on the information contained on this website.

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